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Fanuc Services
Are your Fanuc drives and controls causing issues ?
We can help with supply and repair and for your Fanuc Products
We offer a variety of services and options to help you get your problem sorted as quick as possible.

independent-fanuc-specialistGE Fanuc / Fanuc CNC Replacement Parts
We stock a full range of parts to support the wide range of Fanuc parts. We can process and ship orders the same day as receive them.

We have a team of fanuc cnc engineers on hand for technical advice and help pointing which part may have failed and advise the best way to get you back up and running. We need any alarm details to help with this and part numbers of the Fanuc part you suspect of been faulty.

Service Exchange
One of the options for fanuc cnc parts is Service Exchange, We ship to you a drive, you then return the faulty drive for us to refurbished and put back on our shelf, this offers you a reduced cost option and a next day service for a replacement part from us.

Test and Repair
If you are unsure if you part is faulty you can send it to us for test. We run closed loop test rigs where we can fully test any part and fully diagnose any faults. We can then provide options to suit your needs.