Locating Part Numbers – Fanuc Series 0-C

Here is a description of where to find fanuc part numbers relating to the Fanuc 0-C Type Control and where they are located.

Power Supply A A16B-1211-0850 Small size w/o input unit, 6 pulse coders max.
Power Supply A1 A16B-1212-0100 Small size with input unit, 6 pulse coders max
Power Supply A1 A16B-1212-0950 For CE marking
Power Supply B2 A16B-1212-0110 Large size with input unit, 10 pulse coders max
Power Supply C A16B-1211-0890 Large size with input unit, 14 pulse coders max.  Requires input unit A14B-0076-B001
Graphics Card, 2nd & 3rd MPG inputs A16B-1211-0920 9″ Hi Res mono, 14″ color
A16B-1211-0340 9″ Lo Res color
A16B-1211-0350 9″
Hi Res color, 9″ Hi Res mono, 14″ color
MPG Card, For 2nd MPG input, No Graphics A16B-1210-0801 No Graphics
PMC-M Cards A16B-1211-0901 Electric ROM
A16B-1211-0907 Electric RAM
A16B-1211-0903 Optical ROM
A16B-1211-0909 Optical RAM
A16B-1211-0900 Electric ROM, MMC interface
A16B-1211-0902 Optical ROM, MMC interface
A16B-1211-0906 Electric RAM, MMC interface
A16B-1211-0908 Optical RAM, MMC interface
A16B-2200-0340 I/O LINK, Master/Slave ROM
A16B-2200-0345 I/O LINK, Master/Slave RAM
A16B-2200-0341 I/O LINK, Master ROM
A16B-2200-0346 I/O LINK, Master RAM
MMC, no PMC A16B-1211-0904 MMC input only
Axis Cards A16B-2200-0220 16 bit, 3rd & 4th axes
A16B-2200-0360 32 bit, 3rd & 4th axes
A16B-2200-0221 16 bit. 2 axes
A16B-2200-0361 32 bit, 2 axes
A16B-2200-0390 Serial pulse Coders, 3rd & 4th axes
A16B-2200-0391 Serial Pulse Coders, 2 axes
A16B-2203-0020 Type B interface, 3rd & 4th axes
A16B-2203-0021 Type B interface, 2 axes
A16B-2200-0380 7th/8th axis card
A16B-2200-0381 7th axis card
A16B-2200-0790 7th/8th axis card, Serial Pulse Coders
A16B-2200-0791 7th axis card, Serial Pulse Coders
A16B-2200-0330 16 bit, 5th & 6th axes
A16B-2200-0371 32 bit, 5th & 6th axes
A16B-2200-0370 32 bit, 5th & 6th axes
A16B-2200-0800 5th & 6th axes, Serial Pulse Coders
I/O Card C7 A16B-2203-0110 DI/DO = 104/72
I/O Card C6 A16B-2203-0111 DI/DO = 80/56
I/O Card C5 A16B-2203-0112 DI/DO = 40/40
I/O Card D7 A16B-1211-0945 DI/DO = 104/72
I/O Card D6 A16B-1211-0946 DI/DO = 80/56
I/O Card E3 A16B-1211-0970 DI/DO = 104/72
I/O Card E2 A16B-1211-0971 DI/DO = 80/56
I/O Card E1 A16B-1211-0972 DI/DO = 40/40
Memory Cards A16B-1212-0210 Analog Spindle
A16B-2201-0103 Fanuc Analog Spindle
A16B-1212-0215 16 bit, Serial Spindle
A16B-1212-0216 32 bit, Serial Spindle
A16B-2201-0101 32 bit, Serial Spindle
Macro Cassette A02B-0091-C110 64KB, Order Made Macro
A02B-0091-C111 64KB, Macro Executer
A02B-0091-C112 128KB, Order Made Macro
A02B-0091-C113 128KB, Macro Executer
A02B-0091-C114 256KB, Order Made Macro
A02B-0091-C115 256KB, Macro Executer
A02B-0091-C116 512KB, Order Made Macro
A02B-0091-C117 512KB, Macro Executer
A02B-0091-C118 1MB, Order Made Macro
A02B-0091-C119 1MB, Macro Executer
Communications A16B-2200-0770 16 bit, Remote Buffer / DNC 2
A16B-2200-0775 32 bit, Remote Buffer / DNC 2
Sub CPU Cards A16B-2200-0320
Analog Interface Card A16B-1211-0961