Fanuc Repair – Batteries

Please note if you are sending us a Fanuc repair or Service exchange part to remove the batteries from it. This is due to shipping legislation and the parts been liable to be held up at airports or customs and sometime returned to the original shipping address

The following information i
s from the UPS Guidelines regarding shipping items from outside the UK with Batteries. Lithium battery There are two types of lithium batteries: lithium ion and lithium metal. If dropped, crushed, or short circuited, they could catch fire. These batteries are subject to special regulations. Lithium ion batteries are found in cell phones and laptops. Lithium metal batteries are found in flashlights, watches, and calculators. Shipments requiring dangerous goods shipping documents are accepted only from contract shippers for transport within the UPS dangerous goods service area.
Certain lithium batteries may not qualify for UPS dangerous goods service. Other Batteries Although common dry cell (e.g., AA, C, D batteries) may not be regulated as hazardous materials, all batteries can cause fires from short circuits if batteries and terminals are not protected. Protect Batteries and Terminals When shipping batteries, you must protect all terminals against short circuits by completely covering the terminals with an insulating material (e.g., by using electrical tape or enclosing each battery separately in a plastic bag). Short circuits can cause fires. Package the batteries to keep them from being crushed or damaged, and to keep them from shifting during handling.
If you are sending in a Fanuc Masterboard or similar that relies on a battery to retain information please make sure all information is backed up before the battery is removed or you have current up to date record of all the information required.